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Canada grants over 320000 skilled migration visas each year. The lowered pass mark means that more people can emigrate under the skilled worker immigration programme.We employ a Canadian lawyer, a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada who has the right to represent clients

Investor Immigration in Canada

The country spans over an area of 5,000 kilometers i.e. from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean. This beautiful country lies between land of huge mountain ranges, rolling grasslands and vast forests. Modern, cosmopolitan cities and friendly people add five stars to the beauty of the city.
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Investor Immigration Program

Investor Category for Immigration to Canada

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UK Immigration Program

Diva immigration Services provide various services under the UK Investor Immigration Program. Though there are a number of ways to Immigrate in UK, but Investor immigration option is one of the fastest ways to do so. It is only available to high net worth applicants.

UK Government introduced the category of Investor Immigration in year 1994 to elicit investment from high net worth individuals of other countries. This is a very convenient way for a person and his/her family to settle in UK permanently. The act was later amended in year 2004 to allow few institutions to provide financial aid to the meet the investment requirements under this program.

A person and his/her family can gain permanent residency in UK, by fulfilling the requirements for the Investor immigration visa according to the home office of UK, which are as follows:

• Have at least £1 million under your possession and control in UK (excluding the money loaned by any financial institution), or have at least £2 million worth of assets of your own   and at least £1 million worth of money under your control, which may include money lent by an institution authorized by the UK Financial Services Authority.
• Invest at least £750,000 of your capital in active or trading investments with a company registered in UK or in Government bonds. The company or institution where the    investments are made should not be of kind that has, acceptance of deposits as one of their prime activities. These institutions include banks, Building societies, etc.

• Are able to sustain and find accommodation for yourself and your family or dependents without taking up any kind of employment except self employment or self owned   business.
• Are willing to settle in UK permanently.
• Are viably able to explain your life in UK and prove your knowledge of English , when applying for permanent residency.

Once you meet all the requirements given by the Home Office of UK the expert team of ‘Diva Immigration services’ would assist you in fulfilling the financial requirements and completing the formalities regarding your immigration application.

If you meet all the requirements of the UK home office than click on ‘yes’ option on the right, and fill the given form. One of the members of Diva Immigration Services would soon contact you and help you in completing the requirements.

If you do not meet the given requirements then click on the ‘no’ option on the right, as we have other options available for UK immigration. Diva Immigration services would be happy to help you Immigrate to United Kingdom, by providing expert services.

The approval of your application is not guaranteed by the Diva Immigration Services. As it totally depends on the discretion of the Immigration and Nationality Directorate, which is a body of the Home Office of United Kingdom. We also don’t take any responsibility of provision of the visa and passport. In UK the immigration rules are subject to change without prior notice.