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Canada grants over 320000 skilled migration visas each year. The lowered pass mark means that more people can emigrate under the skilled worker immigration programme.We employ a Canadian lawyer, a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada who has the right to represent clients

Investor Immigration in Canada

The country spans over an area of 5,000 kilometers i.e. from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean. This beautiful country lies between land of huge mountain ranges, rolling grasslands and vast forests. Modern, cosmopolitan cities and friendly people add five stars to the beauty of the city.
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Investor Immigration Program

Investor Category for Immigration to Canada

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Canada Investor Program

Diva Immigration services provide assistance under the Investor Immigration Program to all the applicants with high net worth and those who want a short cut route of immigration to Canada.

We being a team of specialized immigration lawyers would assist you in the following areas while applying for the Canada Immigration:

1. Filling and submitting your application with required documents as according to the criterion of Canadian Government.
2. Help you prepare for your interview by taking few mock interviews.
3. Offering you a number of options of financing, to fulfill the requirement of the investment of CAD$400,000 under the Investor Immigration Program.
4. Provide information on the Canada tax laws, to equip you with the required knowledge.
5. Provide expert opinion on the requirement to set up an Immigration trust in order to reduce your future payment of taxes in Canada.
6. Provide Banking services for one year with HSBC bank upon your arrival in Canada.
7. Provide you assistance in getting a loan upon arrival in Canada, to purchase a house.

An outline of the Investor Immigration Program in Canada is given below:
Diva immigration service is a government-authorized firm that provides assistance to applicant immigrating under Investor Immigration Program or other programs.

The investor Immigration Program is not meant for all the immigration applicants. It can be availed by only those who have a high net worth and still want to climb up the higher echelons of success. It was basically started by the Canadian government to attract direct investment into Canada by people who are ready to invest at 0% interest rate with the government of Canada. To qualify under this program you must fulfill the following criterions:

• Managed or owned a business of required status for a specified period of time.
• Legally gained household net worth of minimum CAD $800,000.
• Cleared the medical and security test by the government of Canada.
• Investment of CAD$400,000 with government of Canada, at 0% interest rate for 5 years. Assistance to complete this criterion is provided by Diva Immigration Services.

These criterions might seem difficult to meet but the experts at Diva Immigration Services help you at every step of the procedure, and assist also you in meeting the financial requirements with the help of its financial partners. We being a law firm help you complete all the formalities with efficiency.

If you qualify all the given criterions then all you have to do is click ‘yes’ option on the right and fill out the given online form of our company. Upon a review by a member from our firm, we will contact you and would try to help you getting your application cleared.

If you do not qualify the given requirements then click ‘no’ option on the right where you can view other options that our company provides for Canada immigration.

Though there are other options available, but Investor Immigration programs is the fastest route for immigrating to Canada, but for that you need to have high net worth. Our team of specialized Immigration lawyers helps you apply and clear through all the procedures with minimum possible hassles.