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Canada grants over 320000 skilled migration visas each year. The lowered pass mark means that more people can emigrate under the skilled worker immigration programme.We employ a Canadian lawyer, a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada who has the right to represent clients

Investor Immigration in Canada

The country spans over an area of 5,000 kilometers i.e. from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean. This beautiful country lies between land of huge mountain ranges, rolling grasslands and vast forests. Modern, cosmopolitan cities and friendly people add five stars to the beauty of the city.
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Investor Immigration Program

Investor Category for Immigration to Canada

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Canada Investor Immigration Federal Program

Federal Program

Criteria Summary
1.) Net worth
You should have Net worth of $8,00,000 that should have been legally obtained. Net worth here refers to the value obtained after subtracting the market value of all the liabilities from all the assets of the investor and his/her spouse. This net worth can also include Inheritance.

2.) Management Experience
You should have managed a qualified business for 2 years in the period beginning 5 years prior to the date of application and concluding on the date of interview decisions. In this period you must have managed at least 5 full-time job equivalents per year.


Ownership and Management
Investor should have managed and owned a business meeting any 2 requirements from the underwritten requirements as per his/her % of ownership (N%) for at least 2 years in the period beginning 5 years prior to the date of application and ending on the date of interview decision:

Requirements                                 Ownership
  100% 50% 20% N %
1. Employees 2 4 10 2/N %
2. Sales $ 500,000 1,000,000 2,500,000 50,000/N %
3. Net Income $ 500,00 1,00,000 250,000 50,000/N %
4. Net Assets $ 125,000 250,000 625,000 125,000/N %

3.) Investment
The investor must sign an agreement assuring that he/she undertakes to make a guaranteed investment of $4,00,000 through a bank. The investor also has an option of investing CAD$120,000 by himself and loan out the rest i.e. CAD $280,000 from Desjardins.

Procedures Program

Criteria Summary
1.) Agreement
Every applicant has to sign the following agreements:
• A subscription agreement and an Investor’s acknowledgement with the government.
• A deposit and financing agreement and a power of attorney with the bank.

2.) Processing
Prepare all the government simplified required application forms and a copy of investor’s acknowledgement that has to be submitted to the Canadian visa office in the applicant’s country of residence, and upon the request of the government the required documents are to be submitted with the Canadian Visa Office in the applicant’s country.

3.) Interview
The applicant has to appear for an interview at the CVO in the applicant’s resident country. It can be waived by the CVO.

4.) Investment
Following investment has to be made by every person immigrating to Canada under federal investor program:
Amount: $400,000
Term: 63 months
Interest rate: 0%
Loan option: Yes
Payment: 30 days upon receipt of the notice from the CVO to issue a CSQ.
Funds transferred to: Bank
Beneficiary: Territories
Guarantee: Promissory note from CIC on behalf of the participating provinces and territories.

At maturity: $400,000
Before maturity: Irrevocable after issuance of VISA.

5.) Medical and Security Checks
Following is the selection grid for Federal skilled investor immigration program.

Selection Criteria Maximum Points
Education 25
Business experience 35
Age 10
Ability in English and/or French 24
Adaptability 06
Total 100

Education (maximum 25 points)

Level of Education Marks granted
• You have not completed Secondary school (or high school). 0
• You have successfully cleared secondary school credential. 5
• You have completed at least 12 years of full time studies and have obtained one-year post-secondary educational credentials. 12
• You have obtained a one-year post-secondary education credentials and completed at least 13 years of full time education. 15
• You have obtained one year of university credentials at university level and completed at least 13 years of education. 5
• You have obtained a two year post secondary education credentials i.e., at least 14 years of full-time education. 20
• You have obtained a two year educational credential at bachelor’s level and completed at least 14 years of full time studies. 20
• You have completed three years of post-secondary educational credential and completed at least 15 years of full time education. 22
• You have completed 2 or more university educational credentials at the bachelor’s level or completed at least 15 year of full time education. 22
• You have obtained a master’s or PhD. and completed at least 17 years of full-time education. 25

Business experience (maximum 35 points)
Time period of Experience Marks granted
Two years of business experience 20
Three years of business experience 25
Four years of business experience 30
Five years of business experience 35

Business experience must have been obtained in the specified period.
Age (maximum 10 points)
Age Marks granted
16 or under 0
17 2
18 4
19 6
20 8
21-49 10
50 8
51 6
52 4
53 2
54+ 0

First official language Speaking Listening Reading Writing
High proficiency 4 4 4 4
Moderate proficiency 2 2 2 2
Basic proficiency 1 1 1 1
No proficiency 0 0 0 0

You can only score a maximum of only two points in total for basic-level proficiency.
Second official language Speaking Listening Reading Writing
High proficiency 2 2 2 2
Moderate proficiency 2 2 2 2
Basic proficiency 1 1 1 1
No proficiency 0 0 0 0

You can only score a maximum of two points in total for basic-level proficiency.

You can earn a maximum of 6 point by any of the following elements:
• You have made a business exploration trip to Canada in the period beginning 5 year from the date of application.
• You have participated in the joint federal-provincial business immigration initiatives.


Following are the features of permanent Canadian visa:> • Unconditional Canadian permanent resident visa
The unconditional Canadian permanent resident visa in the investor’s passport is valid from the date of issuance till the 1st anniversary of the medical examination, during which the candidate may enter Canada without any requirement or condition. Upon arrival the candidate is granted permanent resident status that allows him to live, work and study anywhere in the country, as many other Canadian.

Permanent resident card
Upon first entry to the country, the investor, hi/her spouse and ach of the dependent s granted permanent resident card. This card and national passport of the holder, allows him/her to travel freely to and from Canada. The investors required to stay in Canada for total of two years in every five year period.

Canadian Citizenship
A permanent resident can apply for Canadian citizenship if he/she has stayed in Canada for at least 3 years out of 4 years preceding the date of his/her application. On getting the citizenship the candidate can apply for Canadian passport that is usually processed in 3 to 4 weeks.

Dual citizenship
A Canadian under the law of the country is also allowed to be a citizen of another country as well, but this is applicable to only few countries which do not invoke the citizenship and passport of the person ion becoming a Canadian citizen.

Government Fees
Federal processing Fees (non refundable fee)
Principal applicant $1050
Spouse or common law partner $ 550
Each dependent above the age of 22 years. $ 550
Each dependent under the age of 22 year. $ 150
Above fee is payable with application Federal Landing fee
Landing fees $ 490

Only the Principal applicant and his/her spouse are required to pay the landing fees, and all the dependents are exempted it. The fee is refundable if the visa id refused. The fees can also be paid upon the approval of visa or at the time of the interview.

All the figures mentioned above are in Canadian dollars, which is approximately equal to 43 Indian rupees (as on 27th Oct 2009).