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Canada grants over 320000 skilled migration visas each year. The lowered pass mark means that more people can emigrate under the skilled worker immigration programme.We employ a Canadian lawyer, a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada who has the right to represent clients

Investor Immigration in Canada

The country spans over an area of 5,000 kilometers i.e. from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean. This beautiful country lies between land of huge mountain ranges, rolling grasslands and vast forests. Modern, cosmopolitan cities and friendly people add five stars to the beauty of the city.
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Investor Immigration Program

Investor Category for Immigration to Canada

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About Us

We are the sister concern of Hotel Ajanta and Capital City Travels and Tours. We have been running our award winning services in India and abroad. Before we diversified into immigration, the business is a family run organization with a team of lawyers who represent your cases.

Immigration is Complex... We Make it Easy
Fully licensed and insured, is one of the largest Canadian immigration law firms. Practising immigration law exclusively since 1991, we have helped thousands of people successfully come to Canada.

Our International Immigration Network
We have more than 40 offices worldwide, and a staff that provides services in almost every language. Because we represent clients from all over the world, we are familiar with issues that effect immigration applicants from all areas, and have experience resolving these issues.

The Best Representation provides the highest quality of legal services for clients, looking out for their best interests, and acting at all times with the utmost professionalism and integrity.

Team of Experts
Our experienced lawyers and legal professionals serve clients honestly, conscientiously and confidently. Our greatest concern is for your satisfaction and well-being. This is our commitment to you. Your success is our success.


VICK, McPHEE & LIU A LAW CORPORATION is a Canadian law firm that specializes in immigration and naturalization law. It is the oldest such specialized law firm in Western Canada, being over twenty-five years in practice. It was the first Canadian law firm to have a branch office in Hong Kong (1983) and the first to have a branch office in Korea (1986) and in Taiwan (1989).

The main work of Vick, McPhee & Liu is to assist people from around the world who want to immigrate to Canada .The immigration categories include skilled workers, self-employed (famous artists and athletes), entrepreneurs (those who want to have their own business in Canada), and investors (those who want to immigrate through investment in a government run fund). There are also various Provincial Immigration Programs for those who cannot qualify under the Federal rules. In addition to helping people immigrate, Vick, McPhee & Liu also helps its' clients to retain their immigrant status if they want to maintain two residences, and to help them get Canadian Citizenship. Vick, McPhee & Liu also assist with finding of businesses and schools in Canada.

Mr. Richard A. McPhee

Mr. Richard A. McPhee
, LL.B. is a founding partner in Vick, McPhee & Liu. Mr. McPhee graduated from the University of BritishColumbia, Faculty of Law, in 1979, and was called to the Bar of British Columbia in 1980. He was President of LAWORLD for the year 2000.

Mr. Nigel Thomson
Mr. Nigel Thomson
, has acted as a Consultant to Vick, McPhee & Liu since 1998. Prior to joining Vick, McPhee & Liu, Mr. Thomson had worked in a variety of roles in the Immigration Department of Canadian Visa Offices in Pretoria, Mexico City, Port of Spain, Hong Kong, and Seattle. Some of those roles include Consul, First Secretary, and Immigration Policy & Program Coordinator. He is a member of Organization of Professional Immigration Consultants (OPIC) and licenced Immigration Consultant of Canadian Society of Immigration Consultant ( CSIC )

Ms. Margit Dunn

Ms. Margit Dunn
has worked with Vick, McPhee & Liu since 1988. She is the Office Manager and she is responsible for marketing as well as advertising. She is a CSIC licenced Immigration Consultant and specializes in Entrepreneur Investors, Business Class, and Skilled Worker applications.

Louis K.C.Wong
Louis K.C.Wong
, has been associated with Vick, McPhee & Liu for fifteen years. Mr. Wong came to Canada in 1972 to further his education and has worked in senior executive positions for several Canadian companies. Mr. Wong was transferred in 1989 to Hong Kong by a Canadian based Company as their Vice President in Asia. He started his own consulting company in 1992 , since then, he has assisted over one thousand families to immigrate to Canada. He is responsible for Vick, McPhee & Liu¡¯s Asia business activities / expansion and is in charge of Vick, McPhee & Liu¡¯s Richmond office.

Loretta N. Howe
Loretta N. Howe
,Since 1995, Ms. Howe has acted as an Immigration Consultant to help more than hundreds of people to immigrate and / or study in Canada. In 1999, Ms. Howe had joined Worthington, Simm and David Law Corp. to act as an immigration consultant. In 2004, Ms. Howe joined Vick, McPhee & Liu Immigration Law Corp. Richmond Office as an immigration consultant. She specializes in Business Class, Skilled Worker, Family Class and Student Permit.